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TFS Emerald Nuzlocke: Gurds's Shame :iconteja-kurotora:Teja-kuroTora 8 2 Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke: Hail to the King :iconteja-kurotora:Teja-kuroTora 5 10 Wandering Avenger :iconteja-kurotora:Teja-kuroTora 2 3 Tale of Lornen :iconteja-kurotora:Teja-kuroTora 1 2 Disco Death :iconteja-kurotora:Teja-kuroTora 4 0 #031 Nidoqueen :iconteja-kurotora:Teja-kuroTora 11 4 #030 Nidorina :iconteja-kurotora:Teja-kuroTora 10 2 Chiaki :iconteja-kurotora:Teja-kuroTora 7 8 YTWC :iconteja-kurotora:Teja-kuroTora 5 2 #029 Nidoran :iconteja-kurotora:Teja-kuroTora 10 1 #028 Sandslash :iconteja-kurotora:Teja-kuroTora 13 1 Spirits of the Seasons :iconteja-kurotora:Teja-kuroTora 4 2 OC in 20 Different Styles :iconteja-kurotora:Teja-kuroTora 4 4 #027 Sandshrew :iconteja-kurotora:Teja-kuroTora 10 1 Pokemon Adventure of Dreams, Page 33 :iconteja-kurotora:Teja-kuroTora 1 2 #026 Raichu :iconteja-kurotora:Teja-kuroTora 14 3


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Petja Ojanen
Artist | Traditional Art
Artist, writer, actor and the creator of a Nuzlocke-comic
Pokemon Adventure of Dreams (PAOD)

I hope you enjoy my work, and if you have something to say, just write a comment.

Treecko by CreepyJellyfish Zigzagoon by CreepyJellyfish Taillow by CreepyJellyfish Whismur by CreepyJellyfish Magikarp by CreepyJellyfish Makuhita by CreepyJellyfish


TFS Emerald Nuzlocke: Gurds's Shame
So I watched TFS's newest video on their Nuzlocke of Pokemon Emerald and they talked how their Makuhita, Gurds, is haunted by all the babies she killed in her training. So I thought I would make something for them.

If you haven't checked TFS's content or don't even know about it, check it out on Youtube. It's really fun.
Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke: Hail to the King
So I finished my Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke and I felt it was appropriate to give a final send off for that. 

Overall Pokemon Moon is in my opinion.....meh. There are many things about it that I felt could have been improved. In fact, there's so many of them, I'm gonna list them.
1. Many of the new Pokemon designs felt boring to me. Of course there are exceptions (Golisopod, anyone?)
2. The Z-Moves are cool but honestly I wanted more Mega Evolutions. The Z-moves are good for competitive playing but I don't see the value in that.
3. There should have been much more Alola forms. I cannot be the only one thinking this. I mean, Alolan Sandslash? Awesome! Alolan Golem? AWESOME! Alolan Raticate?........OK, not so awesome. But still, the way this was marketed I expected a lot more.
4. Is it me or is the Battle Dome cheating?
5. The cutscenes are well done but you can't skip them.
6. The story is still pretty copy and paste.
7. I want to wear the stuff all of the other people wore! I want Hala's jacket which I can color any way I want and put logos on it! Why I can't wear that. And one more thing. What the heck is wrong with Nintendo not allowing me to be bald or nearly bald? 

So yeah, I don't hate Moon but I expected a lot more from it. Hope you liked it more than I.
You know I thought the infamous Stark wedding would be a bit more bloody than this.
Planning on taking part in Wizard Palooza OCT. Hopefully I get a chance.
Wandering Avenger
I thought about doing this work for a while. if you don't know, this character belongs to :icondoragon-ya:'s comic Stormrider. I suggest you go check it out.
Rogue one by Teja-kuroTora

Last year had a lot of ups and downs but pop culture and especially geekdom got a lot of stuff happening. Pokemon turned 20, Stark Trek 50, Deadpool finally got his own movie, Civil War and Doctor Strange pleased audiences. Heck, even video game movies have started to pop into the theaters and of course, Star Wars got its latest prequel to the theaters. Is it worthy to be one of the greats or is it as insignificant as an ability to destroy a planet? 

The story focuses on a group of rebels trying to capture the plans for the Death Star. That's pretty much all that needs to be said. Part of this group includes a woman named Jyn, whose father made the Death Star. Bodhi Rook, who defects from the Empire. Cassian, the boring rebel. A droid named K-2SO, a blind monk named 
 Chirrut Îmwe and the heavy of the group, Baze Malbus. There is action, drama, the big bad villain, it's a Star Wars story.

So what really works in the film. Well, from the technical side of things it's very well handled. The action scenes are well shot, the scenery is nice and while some of the CGI characters may feel off, I think they work out OK. Some of the characters are also well done, especially K-2SO. Just imagine C-3PO but with the pussiness removed. It actually reminds me of CL-335 or Cleese from the steam punk version of Star Wars, Steam Wars. Even the villain is kinda fun. Nothing really goes in his way and this poor bastard has to just take it all. 

The movie also feels like truly a war film which I believe this story should be. It has that air of dread and anguish and hopelessness and even though we know everything will be fine in the end, you still feel that sadness. The way the people talk about how the Jedis are gone and how really believing in the Force is kind of a difficult thing to do feels genuine.

However the film has one big flaw which affects it a lot and that is the lack of risk taking. The film was very predictable and most of the characters were predictable. Especially the main duo, Jyn and Cassian feel very dull. 
Even some of the greatest scenes with Darth Vader were kinda something I saw coming. I feel it could have really taken risks because I saw potential for a really unique Star Wars story. Go check this video from Film Theory [link] and you see what I mean. 

Still, Rogue One is a good movie. It still has good action, some good scenes, some good characters and that dread of a war film. I just wish they would've taken it to more places. But who knows what the stars hold beyond them.

Final Verdict: 7/10
  • Watching: Nostalgia Critic


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